Network Infrastucture
The communication between your computers depends on a working network infrastructure. Without such a network, you can neither access other computers from your machine nor surf the Internet. A network infrastructure consists of various hardware components and software applications. The required hardware includes at least one network switch and network cables to connect all your computers and printers with each other. In corporate environments, you will hardly ever find networks which are entirely Wifi-based. In addition, you need suitable software applications which control the data traffic; they must be installed on the computers in your network. These include, in any case, Domain Name System (DNS), maybe also Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and they need to be configured and must be available to the users. If you plan to connect your computers to the Internet, you will also need additional devices, i.e. security gateways (firewall). In addition, the computers in existing branch or home offices also need to be connected to the network. For such connections, even more systems might be required.
Due to the increasing complexity of your network infrastructure, it is recommended to permanently monitor it for correct operation. Network monitoring may help you with that by notifying you of any malfunctions or problems – provided that you have configured corresponding alerts. There are special systems which can take over safety-related functions. Besides firewalls, these systems actively monitor and secure your data traffic.
In a nutshell, there are many hardware and software options as well as many strategic possibilities. While one solution concentrates the applications on a single hardware platform, this may not be the best choice for other solutions.
We support you with
creating a suitable strategy for your network infrastructure,
selecting the right hardware and network services,
setting up and configuring your network components, as well as
monitoring your network for optimum performance.

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