Home Theater
With so many demands on our modern lives, it is a true luxury to have your own isolated space to relax.  A custom home theater, designed, installed, and maintained by Ashcraft-Tech will be the perfect place for you to let the worries of the outside world melt away.
Home theater systems combine many component options that can be confusing.  The experts at Ashcraft-Tech, with our years of home theater experience, we can design and build the home theater of your dreams.  We can address:
What type of surround system will work best for my room?
What video and audio equipment do I need?
What kind of insulation do I need for my media room?
Who can handle the wiring of my home theater?
Do I need a remote for each system?
These questions and any others will be answered as our skilled staff walks you through each step of the home theater process.
Ashcraft_Tech has experience with projects of all sizes.  We can upgrade your current components, design a media room in your basement, or create a custom dream home theater to your exact specifications.  Visit our galley to view some of the custom home theaters that we have designed.
Ashcraft-Tech. will be the only company you need for your home theater.  From planning, with your space and budget in mind, to future maintenance and tune-ups, Ashcraft-Tech will deliver quality, expert service at every step of the process.

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